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 Jelena Tomasevic

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PostSubject: Jelena Tomasevic   Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:42 pm

Music career

Jelena started her way to stardom at the young age of 8 when she won the children's song contest "Šarenijada" in Kragujevac. She joined a folklore group in Kragujevac called Kud Abrasevic that toured all over Europe winning many awards for their dance as well as Jelena winning many awards with her vocals. She was one of the main vocalist for the folklore group. This was her first public performance and with her vocal abilities captivated a very large amount of people. She performed to a much larger audience in 1994 at the Yugoslav Children's festival, held that year in Kragujevac when she won.[2]

From then she performed at various international festivals such as the Czech Republic, Belarus and Bulgaria where she won various awards. She competed and won in an Idol style show in 2002 called "3K dur" aired on RTS3.

In 2005 she started a professional involvement with popular Serbian singer Željko Joksimović. He composed the song Jutro for her with which she competed at Beovizija, the Serbian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Ultimately she missed out in controversial fashion at the overall Serbia and Montenegro final (Evropesma), when all four Montenegrin jurors overlooked it in distributing their points. No Name, qualifier from Montenegro's pre-selection, instead represented Serbia & Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, placing 7th. This was to be the country's last ever appearance in the contest as in 2006, both peacefully decided to go their separate ways and became independent countries.

In 2007 record label company Minocard signed her up and in April 2008 her debut album will be released. Song Košava, from the upcoming album, was presented in the RTS show Beogradska Hronika in late March 2008. The video to the song was filmed in a Belgrade villa built in 1907 and will be the main song off the album.[3]

In 2008, Željko Joksimović composed Jelena a song called Oro for Beovizija 2008. She won the contest and represented Serbia in Eurovision Song Contest to be held in the same city in May.

In her career she also guest starred in the movie Ivkova slava (2006) for which she also sang, made a guest appearance on Joksimović's album (2005) and opened the EuroBasket 2005 in Belgrade.

Personal life

Jelena graduated high school in Kragujevac in 2002. That same year she started studying at the University of Kragujevac at the faculty for English language. She has put her studies on hold but will graduate in 2009. She is from the same town as 2007 Eurovision Winner, Marija Šerifović.

Jelena is currently dating popular Serbian actor Ivan Bosiljčić.[4]



* "Kad ne bude tvoje ljubavi" (Evropesma 2004)
* "Jutro" (Beovizija 2005, Evropesma 2005; can be found on "Panta Rei")
* "Nema koga" (2006; from the film Ivkova Slava, can be found on Panta Rei)
* "Oro" (Beovizija 2008, ESC 2008; can be found on Panta Rei)
* "Košava" (2008; can be found on Panta Rei)
* "Okeani" (2008; can be found on Panta Rei

Some her songs:
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PostSubject: Re: Jelena Tomasevic   Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:07 am

i really liked her song in eurovision 2008.her voice is amazing
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Jelena Tomasevic
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