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 The Forum rules

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PostSubject: The Forum rules   The Forum rules EmptySun Jan 04, 2009 12:14 am

This forum is for anyone who is a fan of Eastern Europe and its celebrities and to promote the region.

These are some rules you have to follow.

Do not offend anyone racially, sexually or anything that breaches the person's rights. If you do you will be warned and you will be banned depending on how serious it is.

Swearing is allowed but as long as they are not directed to any member here.

No flaming or trolling is allowed and the person will be banned if it keeps happening by the same person.

This forum will ESPECIALLY not allow any negative political talk. If any talk which is meant to do any harm to somebody, the person will be banned depending on how serious the incident is. If it is really bad, the IP will be blocked of the user. If somebody sees a political comment that is offensive and is not intentionally meant to be offensive, PM me to resolve the problem.

Also no hoaxers are allowed here. That's if somebody poses as a celebrity or related and claims it's them to wind people up.

If any fraud or identity scams is reported here that is linked to a member here, the person involved will be banned with the IP address blocked.

Try to stick to English as the language here, if not at least 50% so people can understand what you are saying. A foreign word used in the English language does not count towards this.

Pornographic or virus ridden material is not allowed here. If somebody posts this, they will be banned with the accounts deleted.

No spam (posting stuff that has nothing to do with this forum and some of the stuff can be deemed illegal if no licence is obtained e.g prescription drugs). If somebody posts this, they will be banned with the accounts deleted.

If somebody posts material stolen from elsewhere and claims that it is theirs, they will be dealt with seriously especially if it is a picture from press related sites. Some owners of sites and copyright proprietors lurk in open forums and can report such incidents and can take legal action if required if they see something like this.

If you want more information about this, PM me to know more.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

From Moldie (Admin)
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The Forum rules
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